Monday, February 4, 2019

Post 3826 - Would you believe, still ugh?

Yeah. Pretty much sums it up.

I took my puffer this morning, which controlled my coughing for most of the day. But after work, sitting in the car, waiting for Patricia to show up on the bus, I began a coughing jag as violent as any I have experienced since I got sick over the holidays.  I nearly vomited. I took my puffer again, and things returned to normal. Six hours later, the coughing is starting up again. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

We got home and I cut up veggies for our roast beef dinner. It was a blade roast, not my favourite cut at the best of times. Patricia threw everything into the Instant Pot I bought for us for Christmas.

It wasn't very good.

The amount of fat on this normally-fatty piece of meat was nearly off the charts. Even eating the small piece Patricia hacked off for me was a chore, and I very much like roast beef.

We hate to waste food. But we don't want to eat the rest of it, and I'm not sure that this is really food.

The thing is, there is another blade roast in the freezer. We don't really want to cook the thing, for fear it is along the same lines as this one.

Tomorrow I will be having lunch with a friend. Looking forward to it. I promise not to order roast beef!

See you then.


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