Saturday, February 2, 2019

Post 3834 - Ugh

Six days later. Still alive and functioning, more or less. But it's still mostly me going to work and resting as much as possible in the evenings.

Went to the Valley on Friday morning to deal with some stuff. Very pleased with how it turned out.

I returned to the city during the lunch hour. Newbie and Patricia greeted me with a similar amount of enthusiasm. I tried to take a nap and didn't quite succeed. Took a long shower and watched some telly.

I am still feeling off, even though my doctor put me on a puffer the other day. It is treating the symptoms quite well but has a few side effects I'd rather not get into.

I am calling this short, as I need to rest because I will have a busy day on Sunday. Not watching "the big game".

See you tomorrow.


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