Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Post 3841 - What? You're Still Coughing? Get On With Your Bad Self!

Yeah. Still coughing. Still ticking off everyone around me who's getting sick and tired of my coughing up a lung. Really. Nice.

After work tonight we went back to Costco to pick up a few provisions. I also put twenty bucks in the gas tank. Then Patricia remind me that gasoline goes in the gas tank. I felt really silly, and then angry, because the gas tank refused to give me my money back. Said it was "owed" this money but refused to tell me why. Then the gas tank went off in a huff and I haven't seen it since. So, if you happen to see a gas tank for a 2016 KIA Soul, let me know, okay? There may be a small reward. Twenty dollars or so.

We ate our dinner and watched "The Rookie". Hadn't seen the show in a few weeks and kinda missed it.

We are apparently supposed to get a massive storm over night. I would love to work from home in the morning but I am on a three day online course and I would prefer to take it at work rather than here.

In practice most of these Winter storms fizzle out, but there are enough warnings from all the local weather people that maybe there is something to this one. We will see in about eight hours.

I am going to turn in. I am still worried about the gas tank and hope it shows up during the night. I will keep you informed.

See you tomorrow.


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