Thursday, February 14, 2019

Post 3842 - Getting Better!

I am still coughing, but not nearly as much as I have been. I took the puffer once, this morning. Haven't had a coughing jag in a few days.

Is this bloody cold/virus/cough/whatever, finally in my rear view mirror?

Frig, I hope so.

This particular "whatever" has been very persistent. I have paid my dues. I have tried the patience of everyone around me, with my coughing, for far too long.

After work tonight we went to Halifax Shopping Centre. I wanted a new money clip as I have long since misplaced the last one I had. The "Things Engraved" store had several varieties in stock. I selected one. Patricia took it from me as she wants to buy it for me for my upcoming birthday. It was on clearance, but when it rang through it was less than half the price it was on the box! The lettering we had added cost nearly as much as the clip itself.

It says "BDK", on the front. My initials. And "Bevboy" on the back, for obvious reasons.

We had to wait for the work to be done, so we drove to the Kempt Road Swiss Chalet for a Valentine's Day dinner. I ate too much. We like Swiss Chalet a little too much. Other than my birthday next week, we have promised not to eat out going forward. We have too much food on hand. We are foodies, but we can be foodies at home, with victuals prepared in the Instant Pot or on the stove.

I have been on a course at work the last few days. Wednesday night we did not finish until after six pm. I was fried. We drove home and I turned in early. We finished at 5:30 tonight, which made me happy.

The weekend is nearly here. It will be a three day weekend, as Monday is Heritage Day here. I do not know who is being honoured this year. I just know it isn't me. :-(

You have a good evening, my lovelies. See you tomorrow.


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