Monday, February 25, 2019

Post 3847 - Monday Night Ramblings

So, how was your day?

I wish I could say it was a wonderful day. But it was like most any other. Got up. Found something to wear. For a change, it wasn't any of Patricia's clothing. Heeded the weather forecast, which made things sounds as if it would be the worst day ever for driving, in the history of driving. Patricia stayed home, so I got to work by 7:30.

A busy, but mostly uneventful, day at work. Got home before 5 because Patricia had stayed home. She cooked us salmon and brussel sprouts for dinner. After the news was over, we watched "Black KKKlansman". I had not seen a Spike Lee film in quite a few years. I have found him preachy more than entertaining, and I find that kind of pretentious bs to be off putting, and not the type of film I want to watch. But this was mostly a fine film, with more than a bit of humour. It was marred by the last five minutes where for no reason relevant to the storyline, they fast forwarded to 2017 (from the 1970's) and showed some modern day white supremacists, I guess to illustrate that they are still out there, even though we all know that. I recommend this film, but it certainly isn't for everybody.

I am still coughing, but nothing like I used to. I only have to take the puffer once or twice a day now. I must be getting better. He said, hopefully.

I am calling it a night. It's a night.

See you tomorrow.


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