Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Post 3848 - Tuesday Night...

How was your day?

Another day in paradise. Patricia worked from home while I drove in. The roads were greasy, so much so that the anti lock brakes kicked in a few times on the way to work.

Work was fun as always. All too soon, and much to my disappointment, the day was over and I reluctantly drove home.

Patricia had spent the day in her home office, the small bedroom upstairs that I cleaned out for her use early in January. I had ordered an adapter from Amazon that connected to the mini dvi port on her tablet and whose output was a choice of female vga, hdmi or dvi. I used vga only because I couldn't find the dvi cable and had a few vga cables kicking around. The sole usb port was hooked up to a usb hub, so she can use an external mouse and keyboard. It sort of gives Patricia the equivalent of a docking station, kind of like the one she has at work. The adapter cost me all of $17, and I already had the usb hub, mouse and keyboard.

Anyway, she is happy that she can work from home and in a home office with roughly the same computer equipment that she has at work.

We had a dinner of left overs. Shortly thereafter, Patricia conked out on the couch while I watched some stuff on Plex.

It is another fun, fun fun day in the life of Bevboy. How do I handle all the excitement?

On that note, I think I will turn in. I may have to take something to calm myself down, since I had such an exciting day!

See you tomorrow.


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