Sunday, March 3, 2019

Post 3849 - Five Days Later

Well, sorry about that!

It is late on Sunday night. I return to work in scant hours.

Once again, I must blame my lingering illness for my lack of writing in recent days. Working last week took a lot out of me. More than once I went to bed early.

I have had the weekend to rest some more. I know that doctors say that "catching up on one's sleep" is really not a thing, that it is not possible to get back sleep that you missed at an earlier time. But when one is sick, sleep is a lovely balm, isn't it? And sleeping in, or taking a nice nap in the afternoon, is a wonderful way to wile away some spare time.

I did that Saturday afternoon. We had been out in the morning, checking out the farmer's market at the Halifax Forum. From there, Patricia to grab a couple items from her work. We went to the North end for lunch, ending up at the Mexican restaurant at the corner of North and Agricola. I cannot remember the name of the joint, but the food was very good.

We walked off our lunch, eventually finding the Tare Shop on Cornwallis Street, at Creighton. An older gentleman overheard us as we were trying to find the place and all but walked us there. Their goal is to waste nothing, so while they sell coffee and tea, it is never served in plastic cups. They serve beverages in either containers customers bring in, or in the supply of mugs they keep in the store. They sell bulk items such as some foodstuffs and cleaning supplies in a similar manner: you either take in a container of your own, or use the "library" of such things to put your purchases into. Such purchases you either carry out in your hands or in a bag you supply, or you can buy one of their cloth bags. All very civilized. We like the place and will go back there.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. We went into a gift shop on Agricola that is next door to the Hali Deli, a relatively authentic Jewish delitacassen. We stopped going there because there was one waiter who was... not sure what word to use. Indifferent, I guess, in his service. The lady who owned this store extolled the virtues of the deli but when we told her we no longer went there, she sensed the reason why, and told us that the fellow no longer worked there. I hate to hear about people losing their jobs, but in this case, it was likely for the best. He clearly did not want to be there. It showed in his body language and his attitude and demeanor. It is hard to explain, really, but his leaving means that we will likely go back there again sometime. From what I gather, others felt the same way.

Anyway, we kept walking and ended further up on Maynard, where I guess the hq for The Coast is. They had a garage that said "Coast 25" on it, and what seemed to be an office behind the locked door, plus a box containing the latest issue that you could help yourself to. Seems like a pretty funky place to work.

We made our way back to the car and drove to the Superstore to get a few things before returning home and taking that long nap I mentioned earlier.

Slept until dinner time. Kinda logy, I returned upstairs to watch some stuff on the tv with Patricia. Turned in late.

Today was about puttering around the house, and preparing for another week of work.

Aren't you sorry you asked?

I feel badly that I haven't written regularly in recent weeks. This viral thing has really kicked my rear end. I am feeling much better now, though about 30 minutes ago I had a bit of a coughing jag that reminded me that it hasn't quite gone away.

I do promise to try to write more regularly going forward. You can hold me to it. Sort of.

Getting quite late. Turning in.

See you... tomorrow?


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