Sunday, March 24, 2019

Post 3857 - Four Days Later

Hello again...

Been busy the last few days. Working, mostly. Then, sleeping. Maybe getting caught up on some tv shows.

The biggest tv news for us is that "Supernatural" is ending in 2020, after 15 seasons. We have been watching the show since it first went on the air, and it will feel very different when it is no longer around. I was kinda hoping that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki would continue with the show through season 20, but that will not happen.

Saturday morning I got up much earlier than I would have liked and went to the archives to research some unsolved murders and missing persons cases. But after about 90 minutes I was striking out. I felt discouraged, so I left and regrouped over brunch at Your Father's Moustache before going to the main branch library. I asked for all of their files about the above, and they dutifully got them out for me. They have something like 10 such files, thick with this material. Some have the designation of "cs", meaning closed stacks, meaning they are kept in a separate room, as opposed to the... open stacks, I guess, which are in large filing cabinets out in the open (but still under lock and key).

I found tons of stuff, and it is all in one place. I did not have to stir from the table. The hours melted away. By 4:30, my phone battery was down to something like 22%, as I had been using the camera and the built-in flash to take plenty of pictures of the articles. I decided to leave. Some day, I hope to photograph every single one of their articles, easily more than 1000.

Saturday night, drained, I stayed in and watched some stuff with Patricia.

I had to work this morning, and chose to drive in to work to do it, rather than connect remotely. I put in about four hours. After that was over, I got some lunch nearby and then picked up some groceries before returning home. Once again, we watched some stuff on the tv and prepared dinner. Tonight, we watched episodes of "The Ranch" on Netflix. They dealt with the loss of the character of Rooster, played by an actor fired from the show because he allegedly assaulted some women a long time ago. Despite his protestations that he didn't do anything wrong, they fired him anyway.

The time will come when some man who's fired from a job because of this behaviour will be able to prove his innocence, that he had been the victim of character assassination and defamation. He will sue his former employer, and win. I will just leave that on the table. You are free to pick it up.

It is getting late. I think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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