Monday, May 20, 2019

Post 3874 - Monday Night Musings

10:30. Going to bed shortly.

The painter was here today to add another coat of primer on the wall panels that were put back up in recent days. We have selected colours so the painters can go buy the corresponding paint from Benjamin Moore. They want to start painting maybe as soon as Wednesday.

We are going for different colours in the laundry room, home office and recroom. The latter will have a red accent wall with the remaining walls being a beige. The laundry room will be a light teal. The ceilings in all three rooms will be white.

After the painting is over, they will be putting the flooring in place. Which we haven't selected yet.

After the flooring is in place, I suppose they will do some final tests before they return all the stuff that has been in storage for the last several weeks.  That will be a big pile of fun: putting all that stuff away. I have promised Patricia that I will think hard before returning stuff to its old location. Plenty of stuff will go to a thrift store or out in the garbage. I had an entire four drawer plastic "cabinet" full of old computer cables and the like. I don't need the cables. I don't need the cabinet thingy. So they will be gone. There will be many, many more examples of this reconciliation, which will take weeks and weeks to do.

It is the end of another long weekend. Back to work in the morning. I'd better get my beauty sleep.

See you tomorrow.


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