Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Post 3875 - A Day Later...

Tuesday night.

First day back to work after four days off was tough. Hit the ground running. Ran into some complicated tasks, one of which I was still working on at the end of the day. I could have spent the entire night working on it, becoming increasingly frustrated and bitter, but I went home at 4:30 and have had an agreeable evening.

I have spent a couple of hours researching and note taking for my next Frank article. A totally different change of pace from my day job. I needed to do that tonight. If not, I would likely have just spent the evening watching tv. Not a bad way to spend an evening from time to time, but when there is work to be done, and money to be made, I have to do what I have to do.

Tomorrow is Wednesday already. Where is the week going?

Turning in. Very long day tomorrow. Hoping fresh eyes will help me figure out the thing I couldn't figure out at work today.

See you tomorrow, handsome!


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