Thursday, May 23, 2019

Post 3876 - Thursday Night

You gotta love these short work weeks!

One more day, and it is the weekend again. I will get to sleep in. Ah!

The painters have done a really good job so far. We decided to paint over the old paint scheme, replacing it with a red accent wall and "wheat sheaf" for the other walls, in the recroom. The laundry room is in "barely teal", which looks pretty good. The home office, which I have always called the green room, is still green, just a somewhat lighter shade called "leprechaun".

Another coat or so, some drying, and they will be done. Yay!

And as things stand right now, we will be picking out some flooring after work on Friday. Some kind of tile for the recroom, replacing the carpeting that we no longer want and which was ripped up anyway. Some green-based tile for the home office. And once again, a tile or linoleum for the laundry room. It should look really, really nice when it is all done. The next few weeks should be interesting!

This has been an interesting experience. Let's go with that word. But we cannot wait for this to be over. I want my home office back. I want my books back in place, although maybe not quite as many of them. I want my computers back in place. I want the recroom to be usable again. We want to downsize our stuff so that what we keep, we will really use.

It is a dream.

Speaking of dreams, I should go to bed and experience some.

See you tomorrow.


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