Sunday, May 26, 2019

Post 3877 - Sunday Night Stuff

Busy couple of days.

After work on Friday we drove to Dartmouth, the part of the HRM that holds up the other side of the bridge so people in Halifax can get there, to pick out some flooring for the recroom, laundry room and home office. That only took about 30 minutes.

We decided to have dinner at the Mic Mac Tavern not far from there. Except in Dartmouth, nothing is easy to get to. It meant jumping back on the thoroughfare from Woodlawn and going hell, west and crooked, overshooting where the place was. My blood pressure about to boil over, Patricia said she thought she had seen the place, so we got turned around in someone's driveway and retraced our steps, finding the place this time. Then we had to find a parking space, nothing easy to do on a Friday night at that joint.

I don't know what it is about Dartmouth that makes it so bloody difficult to find one's way around. The assumption that people just know where the streets are is part of it. Street names at major intersections would be helpful to those of us who don't know where the hell things are.

And don't get me started on Dartmouth Crossing, built as an antithesis to Bayer's Lake, except with Bayer's Lake you can actually make your way from place to place without ending up in the next county by mistake.


What did we do on Saturday? We stayed home. We got the barbecue out. We tried to mow the lawn but our ancient lawn mower seems to have died. I called my handy man friend in the Valley to have a look at it. He says he can sell me a lawn mower for fifty bucks if it is not feasible to fix it. I may take him up on his offer.

Today, Sunday, I went to Bayer's Lake to refill the propane tank for the barbecue. Twice, someone pulled out in front of me because they thought a stop sign was just a suggestion. Twice I laid on the horn. Twice they thought I was unreasonable. I don't get people. Why do they make left hand turns into traffic? Do they just assume people will just stop and let them out? Are they entitled or something? Sigh.

Anyway, I stood in line for a good 45 minutes to get the tank refilled. Turned out to be less than five dollars. Well worth the wait. Then I skipped over to the Kent store and picked up some stainless steel hot and cold water hoses for our washing machine. The hoses downstairs now are 18 years old and owe me nothing. If I have learned anything from the big flood of 2019 it is that a little bit of preventative work will more than pay for itself. That these hoses cost less than $25. Not a big investment.

 Tonight we finished watching "The Order" on Netflix. A fine, fine fantasy series about a young man whose mother was murdered by a man upon whom this man and his grandfather have sworn vengeance. He attends the university where this man works as the head of a mysterious cult-like group and the good times flow from that. There is enough humour in the show, and at the same time, plenty of thrills and blood and gore to make us look forward to season two.

We have such fun in our lives, don't we?

I am going to turn in a bit early this evening. Another work week beckons. These darn weekends go by too quickly.

See you tomorrow.


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