Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Post 3886 - Tuesday Night? Already?

Yeah. So, Tuesday night.

Long day. Long few days. We went to the Valley on Saturday. The man who mows the lawn down there sold us an electric lawn mower for fifty bucks. The one Patricia had had since 1990 or so, and which she had got used then, finally gave up the ghost. This "new" one seems to work well. Our lawn needs are modest. We don't need a huge lawn mower or anything.

We took in Kingsport Days while we were there, as well. On the way back, we stopped off to the new coffee shop in Canning. While there, we ran into Patricia's Pilates instructor from Halifax, down from the city for the day. What are the odds? WE hadn't planned on going there. Spur-of-the-moment thing. We go in, and she shows up two minutes later. We should have bought a lottery ticket...

Sunday. The highlight was speaking to someone regarding the next cold case article for Frank. In fact, after work today, I met with her and her friend regarding his mother. It was a great delight to meet them both. I will produce the article in the coming days. You will find out about it when it goes live.

After we met, Patricia drove up from the house and we had dinner at a local pizzeria. She had a rough day and I wanted to try to make things a bit better. I am not sure if I succeeded.

There is not much else to report. Been a very long day, and Wednesday promises to be even more so. Yippee.

See you tomorrow, I hope.


Friday, June 21, 2019

Post 3885 - Friday Night Ramblings

Welcome to the weekend.

Been a busy week. Working every day. Went to the library two nights this week to research the latest Frank article. It came together Wednesday night and I sent it off to my editor. I look forward to seeing it in the next issue, which comes out this coming Wednesday.

In the morning, we will get up and run the roads for a spell. Patricia wants to hit some yardsales and the like.

And I can now reveal that we are supposed to get our things delivered back to us on June 28th, a week from today. That will be a momentous day. It will also mark the beginning of my going through many, many boxes and determining what stuff we will keep, and what we will toss. A lot will be tossed. A lot.

I am going to turn in for the evening. Saturday morning will come soon, and it promises to be a busy day.

See you... tomorrow?


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Post 3884 - Sunday Night Stuff

It is quite late. Pushing 11:30.

I have slept a lot in the last 24 hours and I am about to sleep for several more. I didn't get up until something after 11 this morning.

The highlight of the day was returning some macaroni salad to Costco this afternoon. We bought it Friday night and I cannot recall putting a more inedible product in my mouth in this life time. It cost Patricia over ten dollars. We will probably never buy anything from that manufacturer again. We got a few more items, including an oscillating floor fan, which I assembled when we got back and which now adorns our living room.

By around 6:30 I was feeling tired again, so I took another nap until about 8:30. That is why I am still up at this late hour.

Uh, what else? I have decided who the subject of my next Frank cold case piece will be. I have been contacting some sources in the hopes that they knew this person. So far, one source knew of the person, but will ask some of their friends if they knew the person.

Hope to know more tomorrow.

I am going to turn in. I have to get up in six hours. Another long, long day awaits.

See you tomorrow,  I hope.


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Post 3883 - Saturday Night Stuff

And hello once again.

I write these subpar words in my home office. The carpenters have pretty much finished with this room. The room looks pretty good, but even with a dehumidifier running pretty much full time this room was moist, so I dragged the second one into this room and have been running it for the last 12 hours or so. I can already feel the difference.

The laundry room needs the most work. The storage thingy needs to be reinstalled, along with nearly all of the plumbing. The toilet. The sink. The laundry tub. I am not sure when that stuff will be done, but those things I just listed are in the recroom.

We are still both hoping to get our stuff back by the end of June, but we just don't know. Soon, I hope. Patricia is getting impatient.

Saturday I moved the computer desk from one corner of this room to another. It is where it will remain once the other two computer desks come back from storage. The plan is to have the other two desks flank this one at right angles. I will only have one chair going back and forth among them.

It has been a very busy few days at work. The highlight I guess was on Thursday afternoon when a woman I have known for nearly 30 years retired. It is a funny experience for me to attend such parties, and not the amusing kind of funny. Invariably, three or four people ask me when I am going to retire. The subtext is that I am an old bastard who should just leave already.

Well, just keep waiting. When you least expect it, I will leave. OK? Final comment on the subject.

I messed up my knee at work on Wednesday. I was hobbling around quite a bit for the next two days, taking a cane to work on Friday. I had to take a nap Saturday afternoon when my knee started to pain me. I woke up feeling better. Thank you for your concern.

Sunday beckons. Patricia has all kinds of plans for me.  She was grinning maniacally a few hours ago, so I think it involves house cleaning or something. Sigh.

I am going to call it a night. It's a night.

See you tomorrow, I hope.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Post 3882 - A Week Later...

My goodness, what is wrong with me?

Last Wednesday I was working hard on my latest Frank Magazine article. It hits newsstands on Wednesday. Check it out.

Thursday? Uh... it was payday, now that I remember. Friday was our day off, but Patricia had to go into work to do something, so we lost part of that day. I took a long nap in the afternoon. Which led to...

Saturday, Port Williams Day.

I got up early and drove down, arriving just around 8am, which is when the yardsales were starting. Extremely disappointing number of yardsales this year. Plenty of parking up and down main street. I spent a total of four dollars: Two dollars on the latest Dan Brown novel, "Origins", and another two dollars on a lampshade to replace the one that was disintegrating  on the lamp I retrieved from the Valley house. I was gonna take it downstairs here to the home office, but the lampshade was green, and Patricia liked it, so it is staying in the living room. So I need another small lamp for this room.

I paid the man who mows the lawn for me down there, as well. And he took the lawn mower from us to see if he could fix it for us. He called us Tuesday night to report that the lawn mower's armature was broken and unless he could find a replacement one somewhere, it wasn't worth fixing. He could sell us one for fifty bucks or so, but it would be gas-powered. We have a very small lawn. It is not worth it to us to get a gas-powered lawn mower. An electric lawn mower is all we need, all we have ever needed, and all we will ever need. So we are looking for one. Canadian Tire has them for $100 new. We may check it out after work on Wednesday.

I returned to the city Sunday morning. Enjoyed the rest of the day off. Then work for the last two days. I was so busy both days that as soon as I finished one thing, two more things took its place. There are more and more days like that lately.

I am going to turn in now. I have a very long day tomorrow and need my beauty coma.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Post 3881 - Zzzz

Yep. Monday night, I turned in early and slept the night away.

I feel bushed tonight, as well. It was a long day at work with various twists and turns. By the end of the day, I was pretty tired. I actually reclined in the car while waiting for Patricia to show up, and fell asleep for 20 minutes or so.

I barbecued dinner.  The barbecue started up on the first attempt, unlike on Monday during the rain, when it would not start, no way, no how. I grilled some hamburgers. Regular ground beef is best for this task, as it is more flavourful, while much of the fat drips off. Cheaper, too.

I spent a couple of hours working on my next Frank article. I selected a topic and need to do a bit more research Wednesday after work before I can write the piece.

I realized today that after they put the flooring in the home office on Wednesday that I can move this computer desk downstairs. Having it in this part of the living room was never meant to be a permanent solution, and while I only paid $15 for it, I don't want to get rid of it the way I did the last small computer desk I bought several years ago. This one will be very useful to me downstairs. After I get my stuff back, I have a perfectly good use for it in mind. If it works out, it will solve several problems.

I have another long work day ahead of me on Wednesday, and after work it is article research time and then writing time. A very long day indeed, so I am calling this post short.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, June 2, 2019

Post 3880 - A Day Later...

Sunday night. Getting late.

Very little to report. We slept in late this morning. I cooked breakfast for us: eggs, tomato slices, salmon trimmings, coffee. Patricia had kimchi on hers. That stuff reeks, smells like the devil. I have no idea why a person would put that substance on food. Totally mystifies me.

As late as I slept in, I still required a nap late this afternoon. And I am yawning now. What is wrong with me? Am I so bored that I need to sleep so much, or is something wrong with me?

I will be busy the next few nights. It is Frank Magazine deadline week, and I have to work on an article. If you picked up the current issue, and turned to page 35, you will see that I got a fan letter this time. I have had pleasant feedback from several readers regarding my cold case series, in the last few years. Very gratifying. The letter in the current issue is especially gratifying, as it was from a source I had to work on for quite some period of time before she would agree to talk to me.

I am calling it a night. Another work week beckons. Frigging Mondays.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, June 1, 2019

Post 3879 - Saturday Night Stuff

Hello again, my lovelies.

Let's see here. I have been sleeping a lot the last few days. Like, going to bed early. Delaying getting up to go to work. That sort of thing.

Saturday, we were gonna go to the Valley, but decided in the end not to because it is the Apple Blossom Festival weekend, and traffic down there would be insane, and it would be near impossible to go from point a to point b without running into a parade or some aspect of the festival that we don't want to run into. So we stayed put.

We did check out a yard sale thingy at a local church. They had a "stuff a grocery bag for three bucks" deal where you could, uh, stuff a grocery bag full of whatever crap they were selling for a mere three dollars. I got a couple of clipboards and four John Grisham novels for that amount of money. Two of those books had an intact neato feature: in a few of his early novels from the early 1990's, the paperbacks came with built-in bookmarks. It was attached to the back cover, perforated. You could just tear it off. It just advertised other Grisham novels that were out or coming out at the time. It was a very interesting premium, and those two old books still had their bookmarks intact. I have no idea what other writers from that period had that feature built into their books. Seems odd that nobody else would.

They also had a barbecue at the church so we grabbed a bite before going to Tantallon. We spent some time at Otis & Clementine's, our fave bookstore. Ellen fosters cats at her house and has taken to having a couple of them at the store. We got there and before you know it, a couple started crawling all over Patricia. At one point, they dosed off together. Very sweet indeed.

We drove to Lefty's and had the Irish nachos. I don't think we'll have them again for a long time, if ever. A very occasional treat at best, and we didn't like how they charged $1.50 for a tiny tub of the world's worst salsa.

We returned home. I hung up some stuff we'd watched this morning. We both took naps. And that is why I am up at 12:43 am on Sunday. Sleep pattern is thrown off.

A bit of news. On Monday, the floorists will come here and install the vinyl sheets for the floor in the laundry room as well as the home office. On Wednesday is when they install the linoleum in the recroom. I imagine after that that others will come here and re-install the toilet and the sink and the laundry tub. At some point, the new cold and hot water hoses will be installed on the washing machine. The same washing machine we plan to replace in the coming couple of months. After that, we will get the stuff back that has been languishing in storage for the last six weeks or so.  Starting to forget what some of that stuff is.

We are hoping that by mid-June that this work will all be done, but perhaps we are naive. It may take longer. Dunno yet. Will keep you informed because I know you all care so deeply.

I am going to turn in. Not sure what is on tap for Sunday yet. Probably something super fun.

See you then.