Saturday, June 1, 2019

Post 3879 - Saturday Night Stuff

Hello again, my lovelies.

Let's see here. I have been sleeping a lot the last few days. Like, going to bed early. Delaying getting up to go to work. That sort of thing.

Saturday, we were gonna go to the Valley, but decided in the end not to because it is the Apple Blossom Festival weekend, and traffic down there would be insane, and it would be near impossible to go from point a to point b without running into a parade or some aspect of the festival that we don't want to run into. So we stayed put.

We did check out a yard sale thingy at a local church. They had a "stuff a grocery bag for three bucks" deal where you could, uh, stuff a grocery bag full of whatever crap they were selling for a mere three dollars. I got a couple of clipboards and four John Grisham novels for that amount of money. Two of those books had an intact neato feature: in a few of his early novels from the early 1990's, the paperbacks came with built-in bookmarks. It was attached to the back cover, perforated. You could just tear it off. It just advertised other Grisham novels that were out or coming out at the time. It was a very interesting premium, and those two old books still had their bookmarks intact. I have no idea what other writers from that period had that feature built into their books. Seems odd that nobody else would.

They also had a barbecue at the church so we grabbed a bite before going to Tantallon. We spent some time at Otis & Clementine's, our fave bookstore. Ellen fosters cats at her house and has taken to having a couple of them at the store. We got there and before you know it, a couple started crawling all over Patricia. At one point, they dosed off together. Very sweet indeed.

We drove to Lefty's and had the Irish nachos. I don't think we'll have them again for a long time, if ever. A very occasional treat at best, and we didn't like how they charged $1.50 for a tiny tub of the world's worst salsa.

We returned home. I hung up some stuff we'd watched this morning. We both took naps. And that is why I am up at 12:43 am on Sunday. Sleep pattern is thrown off.

A bit of news. On Monday, the floorists will come here and install the vinyl sheets for the floor in the laundry room as well as the home office. On Wednesday is when they install the linoleum in the recroom. I imagine after that that others will come here and re-install the toilet and the sink and the laundry tub. At some point, the new cold and hot water hoses will be installed on the washing machine. The same washing machine we plan to replace in the coming couple of months. After that, we will get the stuff back that has been languishing in storage for the last six weeks or so.  Starting to forget what some of that stuff is.

We are hoping that by mid-June that this work will all be done, but perhaps we are naive. It may take longer. Dunno yet. Will keep you informed because I know you all care so deeply.

I am going to turn in. Not sure what is on tap for Sunday yet. Probably something super fun.

See you then.


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