Sunday, June 2, 2019

Post 3880 - A Day Later...

Sunday night. Getting late.

Very little to report. We slept in late this morning. I cooked breakfast for us: eggs, tomato slices, salmon trimmings, coffee. Patricia had kimchi on hers. That stuff reeks, smells like the devil. I have no idea why a person would put that substance on food. Totally mystifies me.

As late as I slept in, I still required a nap late this afternoon. And I am yawning now. What is wrong with me? Am I so bored that I need to sleep so much, or is something wrong with me?

I will be busy the next few nights. It is Frank Magazine deadline week, and I have to work on an article. If you picked up the current issue, and turned to page 35, you will see that I got a fan letter this time. I have had pleasant feedback from several readers regarding my cold case series, in the last few years. Very gratifying. The letter in the current issue is especially gratifying, as it was from a source I had to work on for quite some period of time before she would agree to talk to me.

I am calling it a night. Another work week beckons. Frigging Mondays.

See you tomorrow.


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