Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Post 3882 - A Week Later...

My goodness, what is wrong with me?

Last Wednesday I was working hard on my latest Frank Magazine article. It hits newsstands on Wednesday. Check it out.

Thursday? Uh... it was payday, now that I remember. Friday was our day off, but Patricia had to go into work to do something, so we lost part of that day. I took a long nap in the afternoon. Which led to...

Saturday, Port Williams Day.

I got up early and drove down, arriving just around 8am, which is when the yardsales were starting. Extremely disappointing number of yardsales this year. Plenty of parking up and down main street. I spent a total of four dollars: Two dollars on the latest Dan Brown novel, "Origins", and another two dollars on a lampshade to replace the one that was disintegrating  on the lamp I retrieved from the Valley house. I was gonna take it downstairs here to the home office, but the lampshade was green, and Patricia liked it, so it is staying in the living room. So I need another small lamp for this room.

I paid the man who mows the lawn for me down there, as well. And he took the lawn mower from us to see if he could fix it for us. He called us Tuesday night to report that the lawn mower's armature was broken and unless he could find a replacement one somewhere, it wasn't worth fixing. He could sell us one for fifty bucks or so, but it would be gas-powered. We have a very small lawn. It is not worth it to us to get a gas-powered lawn mower. An electric lawn mower is all we need, all we have ever needed, and all we will ever need. So we are looking for one. Canadian Tire has them for $100 new. We may check it out after work on Wednesday.

I returned to the city Sunday morning. Enjoyed the rest of the day off. Then work for the last two days. I was so busy both days that as soon as I finished one thing, two more things took its place. There are more and more days like that lately.

I am going to turn in now. I have a very long day tomorrow and need my beauty coma.

See you tomorrow.


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