Friday, September 27, 2019

Post 3906 - Welcome to the Weekend.

Sorry I haven't written in the last few days.

Tuesday night, I pretty much slept the night away.

Wednesday night I was working on my latest Frank article. It appears in the issue of Frank that hits stores this coming Wednesday.

Last night, I was in bed early, too.

And now we are mostly caught up.

After work this evening we drove over to Dartmouth. Second time this week. The first time was for the farewell lunch for a colleague who's moving over to a new job on Monday. Tonight we went to Gateway Meat Market. They had a sale on cheese and steak and chicken. Mainstays in Casa Bevboy.

The weekend beckons. Patricia has several plans for me to do stuff around the house. There has been work we have both been neglecting. I have done little in the recroom in the last few weeks, for example, and I have had a few "subtle" hints from Patricia to resume this task.

The problem is that when the packers were here, packing away, they made some mistakes. The most egregious was how they separated the power cords for items, from the items. I have a perfectly-good working sound bar that I got for $100 a few years ago. When I got all my stuff back in early July, and I commenced the thankless job of unpacking everything, one of the earliest boxes was the one containing the power bar. But much to my surprise, and dismay, the power cord was missing.

In all the time since I have not found the cord. Not just any power cord will do. I have opened five or six boxes which contain cables and wires and so on. I have to go through every piece of everything in all those boxes, potentially, to find the appropriate power cord for that sound bar.

There were other issues. I have already told you about the couch that used to be in one piece, then two, and now three. No effort has been made to reimburse us for this. Just lowball offers that we have rejected.

I could go on, but I do not want to ruin my weekend.

I am going to turn in. I have a lot going on tomorrow. I will tell you about it then.


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