Saturday, September 28, 2019

Post 3907 - Saturday Evening Stuff

Welcome to 10:22 Saturday evening.

Do you listen to podcasts? Because of my part time job at Frank writing about unsolved murders and missing persons cases, plus the podcasts I record from time to time with Jordan Bonaparte, I thought I would take some time and listen to some true crime podcasts.

Most of them are a snore. Many of them just prattle on the case they are discussing, and engage in near-dangerous levels of speculation about what might have happened and who the murderer was.  It is the very kind of irresponsible discussion that I avoid in my articles and which I do not want to discuss in the podcasts I record with Jordan.

I have found a few that I like. As I listen more I will produce a blog post and tell you more about them.

Patricia bought some shoes today. Not to be outdone, so did I. The shoes I have been wearing are wearing out, so I decided to invest in some new footwear.

We had an early dinner this afternoon at the sushi place in Clayton Park. It is a side street just off Farnham Gate Road. It has become our go-to place for sushi. It is called Tako Sushi and Ramen, and it is at 480 Parkland Drive. Here is the website.

The portions are huge. A dinner for two would easily feed three. The food is crisp and fresh. The menu is so extensive that it would take us years to try everything on it. The service is very good. And I cannot complain about the prices. If you live in the HRM and like sushi, then get your rear end over there.

Tomorrow is more of the same as today. Aren't you excited to hang out with me?

See you tomorrow.


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