Monday, October 7, 2019

Post 3910 - Monday Night Frustration


So, I wanted to listen to the leadership debate on tv tonight. But there was so much cross talk. The people talked over each other so much that I likely missed about 30% of the conversation.  Very frustrating.

We had a good weekend. Saturday afternoon we went to Tantallon. We checked out Otis and Clementine's bookstore because it is nearly against the law for us not to go there. Even though I have 1 493 819 books I have already not read, I got a few more, including two books featuring the best crime writing of 2003 and 2004. I am not sure how far along Otto Penzler got with this series. I think it lasted until at least 2010, but I may be mistaken. They are books that reprint crime-related articles from GQ, Rolling Stone, and various and sundry other sources. A good turn of phrase here and there can only inspire and inform my own writing, so these two books may be a good investment.

After I wrote the Friday blog post, I decided to move the computer at this desk from the recessed storage up to the desk itself. Took a little while, and I didn't get to do the keyboard and one of the usb cables until Sunday, but it is now where I want it to be. The two front usb ports are now within easy reach. The scanner is now on top of the computer desk. I have to stand up to place a document in it, which is fine because I will not use it very often. The document holder I bought for my Frank work a few years ago is on top of the scanner because I will use it even less than I use the scanner.

Today was the beginning of another work week. I realized the other week that we are half way through the fiscal year and I have not taken any vacation time. I remedied that today. I work three days this week and am then off work for a full week, returning on October 18th. It is only a week, but I am looking forward to it. Sleep!!

Speaking of which, it is nearly 10:30. I have to get up in 7 hours. But the end is in sight.

See you tomorrow.


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