Friday, October 11, 2019

Post 3912 - Friday Night Stuff


We were both off today. Patricia had an early morning appointment downtown, so I drove her to it. I killed some time while I waited for her. Afterward, we went to the Ardmore Tea Room on Quinpool Road for a good breakfast. Patricia liked her steak much more than I thought she would.

We headed out to Spryfield to check out the three thrift stores we know of out there. I was hoping to get a model m keyboard, but no such luck. People are realizing just how good those 30 year old keyboards are and are either keeping them or selling them for a price that reflects their worth. I did end up getting a couple of 50% off shirts, though.

We decided to go to the Re-store thrift store in Bayer's Lake, to see if there might be anything interesting. There wasn't, so we drove to Otis & Clementines's in Tantallon to see the kittens. One fell asleep on Patricia's neck. Aww!

We returned home. Watched some telly. And this evening I watched the Breaking Bad movie, which was pretty good.

A nice day off work.

More, please.

See you tomorrow.


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