Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Post 3919 - Major Announcement

First of all, I am sorry I haven't written in the last couple of weeks. Time, once again, got away from me. I will try to be more diligent, etc. etc.

The announcement?

Here goes:

I have decided to retire from my job with the provincial government. I will have not quite 26.5 years of service when I walk out the door. Patricia is also retiring. Our last day in the office will be November 29th, a scant two weeks hence.

It was a difficult decision. I agonized over it. Went back and forth. Three weeks ago I found out who my HR rep was. I did not write her for 4 days, when I told her about my decision. She told me what I had to do.

On October 29th, I produced the letter, which announced my intention to retire. It had to be signed, so I printed it off, signed it, and then scanned it in as a PDF. Emailed it to myself at work. On the 30th, before 9am, I produced the email containing this attachment to my manager and my HR rep. And it sat there in my draft folder until 4:25 on the 31st. The very last thing I did before leaving for the day was to send that email along.

Last week, on the... 7th, my manager and I talked about it. Just wanted to make sure I had made a firm decision. I told him I had.

And, yesterday, the 12th, I told my immediate co-workers. They are all happy for me.

I do not know what the future holds for me. I just know I do not want to be that guy you see shambling around the office, any office. The kind of guy who was eligible to retire long ago but continues to hold on for whatever reason. Those folks make me a little sad.

I want to leave now, or rather, in two weeks, and go off and do something else while I am still young enough, vital enough, and perhaps in sufficient demand, to go do that something else.

The decision, as I already told you, was one I considered for a long time. I did not tell you because people at my work read this blog and I did not want to burden them with this information, and the exquisite, intricate aspects that went into my reaching this decision. I tell them indirectly here, and then they go in to work and not tell others, such as management. Puts everyone in an awkward decision. I hope they understand.

As it stands, I have so much vacation time built up that I can be off for the entire month of December for vacation, and continue to be paid. My first pension cheque will be at the end of January.

There. My major announcement. I feel relieved having told you.

If you have any pearls of wisdom regarding surviving on a pension, please let me know.

I have some other tasks to finish up this evening, so I will cut this short. But... let me renew my vow to produce blog posts more frequently. I missed you guys.

I hope you missed me.

See you... tomorrow?



Kim Covert said...

Lucky you. Congratulations on your retirement, I hope you enjoy it and all the other opportunities it will bring. I, meanwhile, will be "that guy," shambling around the office, not quite eligible to retire, not quite at retirement age and certainly not at retirement-ready income, for several years yet. Pray for me.

Greg Beaulieu said...

Good for you! Doesn't sound you feel trapped by trying to up your pension the way many of those who are "shambling around" are. Rule of thumb told to me is that you need about 70% of your gross pre-retirement income to have a roughly equivalent amount of disposable income in retirement (not just pension but including other sources of income as well such as RRSPs or savings withdrawals). Retirement is great and I suspect you will do fine. Best of luck to you both.

Unknown said...

Never be that guy shambling around the office. Life is too short so seize the day.

Good luck to you and Patricia. Hope to see you at the Tantallon Village Farmers Market (where I volunteer), hope you find a 2nd occupation to give you purpose (if you wish).

Retirement is very exciting and I have met some wonderful people.

Surviving on 1 cheque a month takes adjustment but it happens.

Congratulations 🥳 and have no regrets.


Graceann said...

Congratulations! David is only a few years behind you, I think, and I’m looking forward to that. Enjoy this time.

Queen B - the original said...

Hey Bev, Although I just read this post, I now understand why we've been constantly running into each other for the past 3 days..that 'intervention' was tellin. Congratulations with your decision to retire. I will miss our little chats .. when we eventually run into each other! Bonnie V.

George C. Warren said...

Retirement is good, I left the province a year ago, after staying an extra few years. We met at Sandy's celebration last December. One of the surprising things is that I do not have that much spare or free time, a lot of interestingly things to do and somewhat less time than what I thought for my hobbies.
George W

Bevboy said...

Everyone, thank you for your comments. I have had more comments on this post than most any other blog post in 12 years. My goodness, keep them coming.