Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Post 3296 - Back from the wilderness!

Hello again, my friends. I missed you.

Where have I been?

Mostly, working. Frank keeps me busy, which I'm not complaining about. But it leads to the following: What does the fisherman eat for supper? In my case, how difficult would it be for me to write something here on the blog when I had spent the whole day writing and researching stuff?

As it turns out, quite difficult.

But I am going to persevere here. I am going to write something more often. As often as I can.

A few highs and lows the last few weeks. About 3 weeks ago I ate lunch some place downtown. The next day, I felt awful. Flu-like symptoms, one of which was vomiting. I puked at work and had to reluctantly take a sick day. Patricia drove downtown to pick me up, and I promptly puked in the car. When we got home, I went right to bed and slept the rest of the day away.

I have been going to the archives lately. Not as much as I could, but quite often. It is nice to be able to go there during a work day.

Patricia has taken on part time work at Otis & Clementines. The schedule is ad hoc. It is the used bookstore where there are the cats. Since that story ran a couple of months ago, it has been picked up across the United States and even in Greece. Good for business.

The Valley house? There may be some news on that in the next little while. I am thinking good thoughts on this. Please think them with me.

I am going to draw this post to a close. I have some other things to do, and 5:30 comes mighty early.

See you soon. I hope... tomorrow?