Monday, March 23, 2020

Post 3297 - Shame on Me!


Where have I been? Et cetera.

Well, I have been working hard. Frank keeps me busy. And in recent weeks I have been dealing with the house in the Valley, which has been sold. "Sold" is a relative term. I have accepted an offer, and the closing date is the end of April. Big move out of the stuff I'm keeping will be shortly before that.

That is assuming that the world doesn't end before that. My goodness, the Covid-19 story grows worse by the day. Paid half attention to it as it swept through China and then Europe.

To give you one brief example of how much things change, and how quickly: my editor and I read the paper a week ago Thursday, where it stated that the buses in Halifax could be called off the roads. We both scoffed at that, thinking that there was no way that this could ever happen. I wrote as much on Facebook.

Well, today, March 23, Metro Transit cut back its service by 30%. And nobody is saying that the service will not be eliminated.

Every day, the number of people who can be together at once became ever smaller. Bars could have 150 people in them, max. Then 100. Then 50. Social distancing was introduced. Bus service became free last...Wednesday, I think it was, not that it mattered because by then we were working from home and therefore did not need the bus.

Now, we can only have groups of five together at once. The province declared a State of Emergency on the 22nd, and now we get conflicting messages as to whether it is safe to go for a walk, or whether we should, as Parker Donham says, "Stay the F*** Home!", even though he himself attended a play upon a recent return home from abroad, rather than self-isolating.

What has been happening here has been breath taking in its speed  and efficiency. I can't get over it. And it is far from over.

The day may yet come, in the next week or so, when we literally cannot leave our homes, not even to get groceries or meds. We have not made a run on toilet paper, but we are well stocked for provisions should the feces hit the fan.

Uh, what else? Not much. Just living. Working. Trying to get through the days, and trying to absorb the dizzying pace at which things are changing in this world. It is not an easy thing to do.

I feel very badly that I haven't written much lately. I hereby resolve to write something more often. I like the idea of writing a log, a blog, a diary, a something, of the extraordinary events that are happening now, and how they affect you. If nothing else, this blog can become that, for a time.

Let's do that, starting tomorrow.


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