Monday, April 27, 2020

Post 3929 - Sorry

Hi. I'm sorry I haven't written lately. Been busy. Selling a house during a pandemic is surprisingly time consuming. Who would have thought it?

On the 17th, we rented a U-Haul truck/van at the Bayer's Lake depot, which is huge and sprawling as it occupies the space formerly owned by Rona. I drove it from there to the Valley house, with Patricia following me in the Soul. The men who were supposed to help us were quarantined so they were not able to help us. Due to a misunderstanding I will take responsibility for, the neighbours buying the property did not drop by to help, so Patricia and I, and a hand truck, loaded that van all by ourselves. Some pretty heavy items went into that van over the course of several hours.

Our bodies aching and sore, barely able to stand, we returned to the city around 6. The young men who mow our lawn and plow out our driveway in the Winter were both home. I hired them both to help us unload the contents of the van. They did the bulk of the work. They worked really hard and quickly. Took them an hour to get the stuff off the van and into the house. We were so happy and grateful that we paid them for two hours of work.

The house is full of stuff. It is even more full tonight as on Sunday we went back down to get a few more items, and returned yet again on Monday.

The closing date is the 29th, barely 24 hours from now. On that day, the property which has been in my family since my father built it some 60 years ago, will no longer be in the family. I have come to terms with that decision, and am even comfortable with it. But it took me years to get to that point.

And for those who think I am doing this for the money: shame on you. A pox on you. Frig you. Up your nose with a rubber hose. Kiss my grits. Sit on it. Whatever. My mother moved out of that house seven years ago, at which time I took over the full cost of keeping the house up and running. Imagine the monthly costs of oil, property taxes, power, insurance, a security system, an internet connection (which I disabled some time ago), cable (ditto), and even a satellite system (ditto again). Re-shingling the roof of the garage and the house as required. Hiring someone to plow out the driveway and to mow the lawn and do light landscaping duties. Various and other sundry costs. Now, consider that overall cost over the course of seven years. Do you think I am making a mint off the sale of this house? I assure you, I am not.

The time I have spent in recent months in preparation of this week's closing date has been more than considerable. I have had little downtime in recent months. Just work. House stuff. Sleep. Maybe watching some stuff on the PVR. Stress over the house and work and all the associated mental anguish. I cannot wait until it is all over.

Tomorrow awaits. It beckons like a lover, and I am drawn to its caresses. I think I will turn in.

Lots going on, on Tuesday.

See you soon.


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