Monday, February 1, 2021

Post 3932 - Hello!

 Well, hello there! How are you doing?

I used to write blog posts on a regular basis. Yes. I did. And I swear I did not mean for this blog to go on an extensive hiatus. You would think, being retired and all, that I would have more time to write. Instead, I have less. And I am not sure why.

The days fill themselves, in the same way that a hole surrounds itself with a doughnut. I get up most mornings by 9 or so. Maybe a bit earlier, or a bit later. Cook a late breakfast for the two of us and then often times we watch tv all day, or stuff on the pvr. Housework is something we often think about doing but don't do as much of as we had planned to. Tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow.

I am still writing about cold cases for Frank Magazine. The one going online and to stores this week is a follow up piece from last month's issue, which is about the 1955 murder of Michael Resk. It is the oldest cold case on file in Nova Scotia, but not the actual coldest case. I know of a case from 1884 that was never solved. 

This story has had very little activity over the past 65 years, and I have managed to advance the story quite a bit in the last couple of months. I am pleased that this has happened and naively hopeful that there may yet be a resolution. I even name Resk's murderer. Check it out.

We have given thought to selling this house and moving to... well, we don't know where. There is very little supply out there. What does exist is very expensive. So, we could sell this house and move into a shoebox in the middle of the road. Lots of money in the bank. Sounds sweet. 

Even though I am making less money now than when I was working, I am not experiencing any money problems. I sold the Valley house in 2020 and made a few dollars from that, even though I had the place for several years and really only barely made back what I spent to keep the place going for all those years.  But I no longer have that financial burden. I have credit card bills, but no debt as I pay off the cards every month. And I have the monthly bills, but pay them off as well. My only debt is my mortgage, and it is handled without any real problem. I have a few dollars in my pocket. Due to the pandemic, we don't go out very much, although on Monday I took the Soul in for its yearly undercoating. Bought some groceries on the way home, to fill the fridge beyond its capacity and place the freezer into an alert status as it is filled up as well. 

 The days go by pleasantly enough, by and large. Not having to go into work every day is a blessing, especially since the job I retired from was affecting my mental health more and more, to the point where I felt I would have to leave or lose my mind.

We are both fine. Thank you for asking.

I regret that this blog has gone on hiatus. I feel badly about it. I really do. Part of the malaise breeds upon itself and I end up delaying a post by another day, and then another. Then, it is four months later. 

So, how about this? I will try to write something on February 2nd. And then the third. And the day after that. And so on. 

Yeah. Let's do that.

Tomorrow it is!


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