Thursday, February 4, 2021

Post 3935 - Thursday Night? Already?

Yeah, so it's Thursday night. I wish I could sit here and tell you that it was a super productive day, but I didn't do much at all. Stayed home. Slept in. Took a nap this afternoon. Ate dinner. Watched telly.

If it were not for this covid thing, I can't help but wonder what might have happened with us, but I think we need to improve our social lives or something. Get out a bit more. Or do more house work. Or read more. Or to do something so that at the end of the day, we can look back and say it was a day well lived. This was not a day well lived.

On Friday, we have some plans to hit the road and run some errands and whatever. Let us see if we can keep that promise to ourselves.

I am mystified by this keyboard, the one on this old laptop. The keys all seem to be working again. Maybe the computer read my mind and realized I was gonna take it apart and attempt to replace the keyboard with a new one. If the surgery didn't work, I would rid myself of the computer, and it probably didn't like that consequence too much. 

 I watched... I keep wanting to call it Live at Five, but they changed the name several years ago. Anyway, I watched that program on Wednesday, the one that runs from five to six pm. They mentioned a program called Halifax Homicide, which is available on demand through channel 1 on Fibe TV, which we have. They are brief re-enactments of well known Halifax-based murders and unidentified persons. One of the cases is one I have been following myself: the 2004 discovery of a man's body near the airport. They have no idea who the man is, and there has been virtually no update on the case since 2004. 

The tv show speculates with varying degrees of success on what might have happened to this young man, and why. The "why" is manufactured out of whole cloth, without the tiniest shred of evidence to support the conclusions they reach. 

The other cases, I have heard of and often remember quite well. The production budget is clearly on the low side of things, but I admire what they are trying to do. And since they like to cover the kinds of crimes which are solved, with the one exception I have already mentioned, that we can stay in our separate lanes and peacefully co-exist. I wish them well and hope that they do more episodes. 

It is past midnight. I had a long nap Thursday afternoon, so I can only imagine the effect it will have on my sleep pattern this evening. Sigh.

See you tomorrow.





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