Friday, February 5, 2021

Post 3936 - Friday Night

Well, this is day five of the return of the blog. I have been diligent about writing something every day. I hope you think it's a good thing.

We had a good day. Visited some friends this afternoon, and from there had an early dinner at Phil's Seafood on Quinpool Road. We had driven past it for many years, but when we learned on Twitter that it was closing on Friday, we made it a point to go there. What an excellent meal. The fish and chips were dry and not greasy at all. The coating on the fish was much lighter than I am used to, not a gross beer batter or anything like that. Just non-greasy, moist fish and fries and even the coleslaw was edible, which is about all I expect from coleslaw.

Returned home. And I pretty much slept the night away. I don't have an explanation for it, but I was tired and had a headache and decided to rest for a while, which turned out to be four hours. I got up and watched an episode of Bones and wondered where the day went and fired up this computer and here we are.

Another week is behind me. I am wondering where it went. I do not miss working every day. I get to write about unsolved murders and missing persons cases to my heart's content, but I am not sure if I would want to go back to a full time job now. I am not like Sean Connery declining a cameo in the last Indiana Jones movie because "retirement is just too damn much fun", but getting up five days a week and traipsing off to a job is not what I want to do any more. Even if I were working from home, I would still be working, and perhaps at something I did not overly want to do, with the slight possibility of working for someone I did not like very much. I have been there and done that on both of those scores and do not want to spend the rest of my years on this earth doing that. Who would?

On Saturday, we have a few plans. Whether we get to them is another matter. I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

On that note, I'll call it a night.

It's a... I guess you heard this joke already.


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