Saturday, February 6, 2021

Post 3937 - Saturday Night Stuff

Well, hello again, sailor.

Another quiet day is behind me. We drove to Tantallon this afternoon to pick up some of Newbie's special cat litter, which cost me just over $100 for two bags of the stuff. Newbie is very particular about the type of litter he will defecate in. I can't say as I blame him, actually. 

We also went to Delish! in Tantallon. It is a store/restaurant owned by some ex-pat Brits who moved here a long time ago and more recently started up this interesting business in an obscure strip mall, just over the crest of the hill past the turn off for the roundabout way to Peggy's Cove. There's also a bank and a pizza place in the same strip mall. They make meat pies the British way. They are a bit pricey but always worth it. We got a chicken and veg today, which is resting comfortably in our freezer, and steak and stilton, a little bit of which is resting comfortably in my tummy. We also bought sweet and sour chicken with rice, which was half price, and pretty good for our dinner tonight. Also picked up a can of Heinz beans, with the British-style recipe, brought in from the U.K. We use the local "British style" beans but I am told that the recipe is different in the beans we got today. I will let you know, because I know you hang on my every word.

We also went to a local meat market, Cavicchie's. Got some stuff for Sunday's charcuterie board.  They have "storm cheese" there, but it was nearly nine dollars for a tiny piece, so we said no thank you.

We tried to go to the nearby superstore, but there was a line up to get in, so we left and drove home long enough to get a gift card for Sobeys and then went to the Timberlea Sobeys. 

The store opened almost exactly the day I left my government job in the end of November 2019. They have grandiose plans to add several stores nearby, but the pandemic put a temporary stop to that, so the Sobeys is all by itself at that highway exit. Not the biggest store, but it is seldom busy, and there is never a line up to get in, including today. Patricia used the gift card plus spent quite a bit more. The day before "the big game", and an impending snow storm, and it being a Saturday afternoon, the place was relatively busy, which is to say we had to wait three minutes to pay for our stuff. 

Tonight we started to watch a movie about Mark Felt, starring Liam Neeson, but didn't finish. I will try to finish it in the morning.

Also in the morning I plan to interview someone about an unsolved murder. Some information has come in about it, and I want to see what this person has to say. Should be interesting to say the least. Fodder for the next issue of Frank.

I think I will turn in. Need to get up fairly early.

See you then.


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