Sunday, February 7, 2021

Post 3938 - Sunday Night

Well, we did it again. Ignored another Superbowl game. 

We did catch the Weeknd's performance. We are fans of his, and not just because he is Canadian. 

We didn't do that much today. Started binge watching "The Resident", which is now in its fourth season, but we just haven't watched it. There are many shows, films, albums, books, podcasts, restaurants, clotheslines, political beliefs, religions, beverages, cheesecake flavours, and episodes of "Forensic Files", that we have never experienced, and likely never will. "The Resident" is one of the shows that got past us. Only so many hours in the days, and so many days in the week. You understand.

There are three programs on NBC on Wednesday night that have "Chicago" in the title. I have watched a handful of the one about the fire department, but have otherwise not seen it. 

I have come to terms with the fact that there are experiences and tastes and so on that I will never experience. When confronted about a book I haven't read, or a movie I haven't seen, or whatever, I can only shrug my shoulders and repeat the last sentence two paragraphs up. 

I don't know why people get angry with me about this, either. Even retired, I don't want to spend all day, every day, parked in front of the telly consuming content. I do not see the value of that.

At any rate, if there is something you feel I should see, or read, or eat, or insert up my nose, then feel free to tell me about it, and why you think I would like it. It can't hurt. Well, maybe the thing going up my nose would hurt, but otherwise, I'll pay attention.

What else is going on? This afternoon, I went back to Sobeys. The frozen smoked salmon we got on Saturday was pretty damned good, and we wanted to see if there was any left. Plus, it was on sale. So I got three packages of it; two of them are in the freezer and the third is resting comfortably in the fridge in anticipation of its inevitable consumption in the next day or so. 

We had a charcuterie board this afternoon. Plus that steak and stilton pie I told you about yesterday. Our anti-Super Bowl party. 

I think i will turn in. Trying to get up a bit earlier these days, and establish some kind of pattern again.

See you tomorrow.


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