Monday, February 8, 2021

Post 3939 - Monday Night

Another late night. Half past midnight. 

Another day spent watching a lot of episodes of "The Resident". Eating leftovers from the weekend. Speaking to a source about an unsolved murder. And just keeping on, keeping on. 

Because of a storm Sunday night and into Monday morning, nearly everything was cancelled today. I keep thinking of the people I used to work with. Many of them, probably even most of them, work from home now, which effectively means there are no more storm days for them. My heart bleeds for them. It really does.

We are still wondering whether we will remain living in the Halifax area. Our new premier is Iain Rankin, and he is our MLA as well. I am... "excited" is too strong a word. But I am interested in seeing how having my MLA also be the premier plays out for this area. Will we get a new school? Will more retail finally, at long last, be interested in moving here? Will he decide to move some government facility here? I am actually quite curious to see how this plays out.

I have lived in this part of the province for 20 years now. Good times and bad. And in 2020, I spent a small fortune on this place. New doors and windows throughout, which greatly reduced my heating costs. Even a lovely back door leading out to a smashing new back deck with a robust privacy panel. The shed on the side of the house was falling apart, so I had that removed. The side steps were rotting away, so those were replaced by new ones, as well as a  new landing. Many thousands of dollars spent on the place. There are still some things that we need to get done around here, things that will cost quite a bit less. 

We had a flood in 2019, which was professionally remediated. New washer and dryer in 2019, which required a new electrical outlet in the laundry room because the bloody power cord on the new dryer was so much shorter than on the one we got rid of. 

After that big a cash outlay, do we stay put, or try to find another place to live that we both like, and which doesn't break the bank? I just don't know. What I do know is that I am not interested in incurring a pile more debt. 

So much to think about.

I promise to think about it while I am sleeping tonight.

Which happens, right about now.

See you tomorrow.


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