Friday, February 12, 2021

Post 3942 - Friday Night Stuff

Well,  hello again, strangers.

Sorry I didn't write on Thursday. I was tired and turned in shortly after nine pm. I had gone through a couple of days of staying up really late and then being unable to nod off. I am guessing/hoping it is because of issues related to the CPAP machine. But today, I woke up at a decent hour and have felt fine all day. 

Today we ran the roads until mid-afternoon, when we looked at a potential house that we could have potentially purchased. That was, until we saw the place. for a mere $250,000, one can buy a place that is over 60 years old, which sits on a small piece of property, on which there is a much smaller backyard than what we have now, and whose basement is unsafe to access. There was a musty odour throughout. The living room led into the dining area, which spilled over to the kitchen, all of which were on the small side. The kitchen here at Casa Bevboy is small, but is still bigger than that one. We have an actual dining room, which leads to this living room. The upstairs has two bedrooms only. 

The realtor was nearly apologetic for showing us the place. She allowed that the online pictures did not fully convey the scope of the place, and its overall condition. 

We did like the relative location, though. It is within easy walking distance of the drugstore we frequent, and close to my dentist and Timberlea's one and only pub. We could go there, drink ourselves blind, and stagger home. (Not that we would of course, but it is nice to have that freedom.) There is a direct line from that house to the parkway, and a short left hand turn takes us right to the new Sobeys. It is a shame that the house and its property were not in better shape. 

It makes us appreciate this place a bit more. I'm unaware of a stench or any must in the place. Unless I don't shower for a week or change out the garbage, of course.

We did go to the Sobeys after the showing. Got a few things. Had shepherd's pie for dinner. The deli I got it in from in Clayton Park had two of them for half price, so $4 each. I got both, and we ate one of them tonight and will have the other one over the weekend. Cheap meals, and pretty good ones. 

We got caught up on some tv shows tonight. This week's "Mr. Mayor" was all about an avocado shortage in L.A., and now we are craving guacamole. Perhaps a trip to Sobeys is in the offing on Saturday!

It is past 10:30 now. I will go check in on my woman and see how she is doing. Perhaps it will be another early night.

See you tomorrow.


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