Sunday, February 14, 2021

Post 3944 - Sunday Night

Well, that was a lovely Valentine's Day.

I am not sure where the day went. We didn't go anywhere or do much of anything. Patricia made a lovely chicken dinner. I mashed the potatoes. I learned that the potato masher that was from the Valley house, which I kept last year, is the preferred masher in this house. The other one is huge and unwieldy, where as the one my mother always used is smaller and was easier for my petite mother to use. Glad I kept it.

It was a quiet day. The pandemic means we don't feel like going out much. The variants are apparently much more dangerous than the "regular" covid-19, which feels us with even more angst. 

We are likely watching too much television. 

Say, my ahi's, the average hourly incidents, on Saturday night were a "mere" 5.3. That is a far cry from the 43 they were when I did the sleep test a couple of months ago. The insurance company approved the purchase of my CPAP machine last week as well, so it is looking good. 

My ahi's fluctuate a bit too much for my taste. They may be 10 or more this evening, and I don't know what the hell to do about that. They increased the pressure on the machine at the Snore Shop, which may have accounted for that, and I may increase it on my own if necessary. 

The lower the ahi, the better. A friend of mine wrote me last week and told me that his number is usually below one. Just a reminder that an ahi is short for average hourly incident. At my height, I would stop breathing an average of 43 times per hour before my heart would kick in and resume my breathing for me. So, a seven hour sleep would be nearly 300 incidents, which is huge. If my friend was average less than one ahi, than that blows me away. It is a goal I seek for myself.

I have had nights where I would be in the 3.x range, which elated me, but less than one would be terrific news.

It has been a long day. I think I will call it an early night.

See you tomorrow.


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