Monday, February 15, 2021

Post 3945 - Monday Night

Late. I should turn in soon. 

Except, I am retired and I don't have to get up early. But like I told you before, I should get into a routine of some kind rather than stay up all hours and sleep in until 1pm. I don't see the upside of that. 

It was another day of not doing much. Slept in. I made breakfast and we watched some telly. We struggled with what to watch on Netflix and finally landed on "Blown Away", a competition show about glass blowing that is hypnotically watchable, even though my knowledge of glass blowing is nearly nil. Patricia did a bit of that stuff when she attended NSCAD back in the day. We got through a few episodes before deciding to have dinner but promised to get back to it. We will.

Tuesday is garbage day around here. Yay. Reminds me of the time in high school when a guy who was never there because he hated school so much and he had a job already, had to come up with an excuse for why he hadn't been to class for a couple of weeks. I am not kidding. He missed that much time, and eventually quit, to nobody's surprise. 

Anyway, I told the teacher that the reason he wasn't in school that day was because it was... garbage day. It was a big deal in his family, you see, and he had to be there to celebrate. The story went through the school to the point where one day, our Biology teacher was speaking to him about his truancy, and started it by saying, "Yesterday wasn't garbage day". 

Guess you had to be there. It was kinda funny.

I'll get up around 7 and take out the garbage. I'll probably think of that long-ago time when my friend needed an excuse for why he was not in school one day.

You're welcome.

See you tomorrow.


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