Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Post 3947 - Wednesday Night Stuff

Hey, another day not doing much.

I did go to Sobeys on Wednesday afternoon. When the store opened in 2019, it was a Godsend. Saved us the trouble of driving into Bayer's Lake, or going to Tantallon to get victuals. Not that these are that far away, but rather that the Sobeys is much closer and convenient to get to.

We had a nice chicken dinner and stayed in and watched television again. 

Retirement is an interesting experience. I left my civil service job because it was getting to me. No job is worth the destruction of one's mental health, and I found mine getting worse and worse. Things came to a head for me in October of 2019, when I finally sent my manager an email that had languished as a draft for several days. This was after I had mailed in my retirement papers to the Pension people. 

I do not regret retirement, but I do second guess the decision sometimes. I could have stayed and "padded the pension" as the saying goes, but I have virtually no debt and the pension pays all the bills quite comfortably. Not having to get up at the crack of dark was nice, too. 

But I admit that if I had known that the world was going to hell in 2020, I would have hung around a bit longer. 



Oh, well. Did I tell you that I have no debt, and the pension pays all the bills quite nicely? Good.

On Thursday, I'll call the vet. Newbie has been losing weight lately, and we are becoming a bit concerned. He still runs around and meows and mewls and everything,  and still uses the litter box with a Dionysian abandon, and drinks water aplenty, but even so, he is getting lighter and eating less. Worth a trip to the vet.

I will try not to worry unless and until I have to. 

I think I will turn in. Want to get up at a decent hour in the morning.

See you tomorrow.


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