Saturday, February 20, 2021

Post 3949 - Saturday Afternoon Stuff

Hello once again.

I don't  know what to say about the keyboard on this laptop. Some days, a couple of the keys don't work. Today, it is fine. I can type in as many 888888's as I want. Other days, it is like pulling teeth on an elephant to get just one. 

I have been pricing laptops this past couple of weeks. I use it more than I do my desktop downstairs, and can print from this laptop to my printer downstairs as I choose. 

The other day I picked up my mail and a replacement keyboard was waiting for me. Sent from the other side of the earth. It arrived all bent out of shape. The keys have a flimsy feel. There is no "pencil eraser" pointing device on it, not that I use it much anyway. I cannot return the thing, so I am stuck with it. 

So I started looking for a newer laptop. Even a $500 "refurbished" (there's that word again!) would be leagues better than this machine, which is quite old. I am of two minds about this. Spend the money, or try to coax a bit more life out of this machine, which otherwise works fine. 

We are still thinking about whether to remain in the Halifax area or not. Selling Casa Bevboy would not be difficult. It is in a location that would make it attractive to many. Plus, there are new doors and windows throughout, and a pretty magnificent new deck out back, as well as  pretty good veranda out front, not to mention a "refurbished" (grr!) set of side steps. But there is such an undersupply of houses in the Halifax area, and what there is is expensive, that we are either stuck here or will have to consider moving to another part of the province. Which we might do.

People are stopping me on the street and at Sobeys and at the Guardian Drugstore and asking me about how Newbie is doing. He is pretty good today. I checked the upstairs litterbox a couple of hours ago. There was... good evidence of activity in there, if you catch my drift. As a result, Newbie is running around like a crazy person and is on my lap while I am using this computer. He is staring up at me with... well, I am not sure it is love. He is a cat, after all, so the best I can hope for is moderate tolerance. The special stuff we are putting in our food seems to be doing its job. All good. Thank you for asking.

Also, my AHI's according to my CPAP machine were at 5 over night. Slightly better than Thursday night, which makes me happy. 

Tonight, we will have the fish dinner we did not have on Friday. The lives we lead!

You have a good rest of the day. Talk at you tomorrow.




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