Friday, February 26, 2021

Post 3953 - Friday Night Fun Times

Hello once again, my friends.

The end of another week. I didn't write on Thursday because the day got away from me, although it is hard to pinpoint just how it did. We got watching stuff on the pvr, and all of a sudden it was midnight and we were tired. 

On Thursday we went to Bedford Common. For a mere six dollars, I acquired a 1966 edition of the Halifax City Directory. I think it once belonged to someone who worked for the province. It contains listings for companies that were active back then, and lists some of the prominent people who lived here then. I didn't see Ada McCallum in there, so it is hardly comprehensive.

I also got some Avery labels. Patricia marvels at how excited I get over that, but it was five packages of index dividers for binders. 25 in all. For three dollars. I use a lot of those dividers for my cold case series. I have six binders full of notes. Each case is indexed in these binders, and the dividers are very useful for that purpose. They are overpriced if you buy them new, so it is a pleasure to pick them up for cheap. 

We had a quiet Friday, but this evening we went to the local Sobeys and got some provisions. There were ten Covid-19 cases in Nova Scotia, and we like to stay safe, so we are cutting back on our social interactions even more than we do by default. We will hunker down and ride out this storm.

Say, remember I told you about that house we visited a couple of weeks ago? They wanted a cool quarter mill for the place? Well, it sold this week, and I am told it went for very close to that amount. I am gobsmacked. Speechless. Without words. Typing this is killing me. That pile of crap is going for that kind of money. That musty, rickety place that has no backyard, one crappy dirt driveway, no deck, a dangerous basement, is going for that kind of money. I don't know what to say. At all.

On Saturday, we are going to... hang out here, I guess. Netflix, here we come!

You all have a good day. I will write at ya tomorrow.


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