Sunday, February 28, 2021

Post 3954 - Sunday Night Stufferoonie

How were the last couple of days? Not bad. 

I was up until like 3 am on Saturday morning. Slept until 10 or so. But by 7 Saturday night, I was dozing off, and so was Patricia, so we turned in super early. Slept for many, many hours and have felt much better today. 

The new CPAP machine is a godsend. I don't know how I got along without it all these years, and shame on me for taking so long to get around to getting one. 

We binge watched "Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel" on Netflix this weekend. It is about the death of Elisa Lam, who was found dead floating in a water tank at the infamous Cecil Hotel in downtown LA. Over the course of four episodes, totally nearly four hours, we learn about her life and her death and the various "web sleuths" who theorize about what happened to her and why. At one point, they fixate on a death metal guy professionally known as "Morbid", and become convinced that he killed her. Turns out that he did not and could not even if he had wanted to. Not that that stopped these people from their theorizin'.

Where am I going with this? Well, two things. First thing is that the show didn't need to be four episodes long. Two would have been plenty. The second thing is that there are more than a few fools out there who think nothing of throwing people under the bus.

I recently received a tip from someone claiming that a Nova Scotia cold case could be solved if I but leaned on the victim's father for a spell. Everything about the father was not true. I took the information and checked another source, who refuted everything I was told, that the father was a gentleman who tried to do right by his kids. But the person who contacted me seemed to have an ax to grind, some kind of problem with the man, and perhaps decided to use me as a conduit for their problem with the guy. 

This ticked me off.

I promise you that I take my cold case seriously, perhaps too much so. The last thing I want to do is write something that not only fails to advance the story, but which denigrates any of the victim's friends or families along the way. 

I was reminded of that incident when I watched Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel this weekend. 

I have nothing else to say about this.

Trying to watch the Golden Globe Awards. Awards shows are easily the most painful thing to watch, even more painful than watching sports. 

I think we will watch something on the pvr. 

See you tomorrow.




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