Thursday, March 4, 2021

Post 3957 - Thursday Night Shenanigans

Boy,  hope I spelled shenanigans correctly. That would be a shenanigan unto itself. Border line ironic.

How was your day? We... didn't do that much. This evening I found a Brother laser printer with the features I want it to have: duplex printing, and an ethernet connection, for a price that seems almost too low. I will see it tomorrow and make the decision then. The highlight of my day, if the thing works.

We didn't go through our things to see what else we can donate, but upon reflection, perhaps we should be selling some of that crap. The pyrex dishes are of good quality and would fetch 20 dollars or so. Better to have it in our pockets rather than someone else's. 

I realize it is best to keep things into perspective and to count one's blessings, but it is not always easy to do that. We have kicked the tires about buying another house, selling this one of course, but the prices are getting out of sight. We would have no problem selling this place, what with the new deck and doors and windows and its proximity to a school; but that doesn't help us find a place to move to. We have decided that we need certain creature comforts, and as we grow a bit more mature being relatively close to all the retail in Bayer's Lake and the inevitable medical centre that will be built there in the coming years makes living in this part of the greater Halifax area all the more compelling. 

At the same time, we are mobile enough that we can up and move to where we want, and perhaps that is something we should do while we are able. 

It is something to think about whilst I doze off tonight. 

Busy day tomorrow. Errands to run. A printer to purchase.

See you then.





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