Friday, March 5, 2021

Post 3958 - Friday Night Frolics

Welcome to the weekend.

You'll be pleased to know that I did indeed purchase the printer I mentioned to you yesterday. $20 for a printer that has built-in wifi and has an ethernet connection. I spent a couple of hours this evening frigging around with the printer and got the duplex feature working. The previous owner had turned it off for some reason. Printed off a document using half the paper on this printer than on the one I have been using for years.

I haven't messed around with the wifi yet. I probably won't. I had another wifi-based printer, and the connection kept dropping. Which was not at all frustrating.

But while I can hook up the ethernet cable to the printer, and my laptop sees it, I can't get the printer to accept any documents sent to it. It just sits there and doesn't print anything I send it. 

So, usb mode works great. Wifi, I haven't tried. Ethernet should work but is not working. 

I will figure it out. I will then wonder what the hell was wrong with me because I didn't figure it out right away. It would likely have helped if I had had the manual for the printer. 

We ran other errands today. Patricia had a medical appointment, after which we had lunch at Edible Matters in Hammonds Plains. Patricia had the ribs and I had a veggie pasta dish. We both enjoyed our meals very much. We went from through Bedford and then ended up at Bedford Common, before we drove to the Timberlea Sobeys and returned home.

We were still full from dinner. I had a snack about an hour ago, and Patricia was sleeping when she didn't hear me cussing over the printer.

Not sure what we will do on Saturday. Will likely frig around with the printer for a spell.  I'm like a dog with a bone, you know.

You guys have a good evening. Stay safe. Talk at ya tomorrow.





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