Sunday, March 7, 2021

Post 3960 - Sunday Night Stuff

Hello once again.

Newbie likes to sit on my lap. When he sees me using my laptop, like I am now, he saunters over and wedges himself between the laptop and my gut. He's happy. And he is far enough away from the keyboard that I am relatively productive.

I spent yet more time Saturday night frigging around with that Brother printer. I learned that those models have a hidden menu which shuts off the "deep sleep" mode, which I thought would fix the problem of being able to print to it when it was in that mode. I awoke this morning and tried to print something to it from my phone. The phone didn't even see the printer until I physically turned the printer off and then back on again. Meanwhile, of course, it saw my Samsung printer with no problem.

I am sure there is a way to get around this, but I am not interested in frigging around with it even more. I still have the Samsung, which works perfectly, and still have to go through three unopened boxes of toner. Upwards of 4000 pages will have to come off that printer before the toner cartridges are exhausted. 

Had a quiet day. This evening we watched Harry and Meghan explain what their lives have been like the last few years. If true, I wouldn't wish their lives on anyone. Neither would you. I have nothing further to add to the discussion that thousands of pundits will spend hundreds of hours discussing in the coming weeks, so I will shut up now.

I am hoping to get to the Archives later on this week. Been sitting on a pretty interesting unsolved murder from 100 years ago, and I want to know more. The Resk case will have to go on the back burner for a bit. I can't take it any further unless some more compelling information comes my way, or I uncover something, and neither situation fits right now. 

It is late, so I think I will turn in. 

See you tomorrow.


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