Sunday, March 14, 2021

Post 3965 - Sunday Night Shenanigans

How have the last few days been?

I turned in early on Friday night. I was pooped for some reason. And on Saturday we were up so late that I decided not to write a blog post. No excuse.

I am trying to turn over a new leaf, and keep it turned over. That means a blog post every day if at all possible. No guarantee I won't miss a day or two here and there, but I hope it is the exception and not the rule.

On Sunday we spent some time doing some early Spring cleaning. Patrica uncovered some clothes of mine, and I spent some time this evening seeing if thney still fit and whether I still want them. She found a very nice pair of black jeans I bought a couple of years ago and had forgotten about. They fit very well and I will wear them this week. 

Also found some summer shorts to wear. Not to mention some clothes that are so old or worn or both that I think they should go in the garbage, so they will. There is a veterinarian up the road. They are always accepting old blankets and the like, so we will do a trip there perhaps as early as Monday. 

The recroom has been in a state since the great flood of 2019. When they brought back all the boxes and stuff, I began to unload them. It is a process I never quite finished. Add to that the stuff from the Valley house that I kept, and there is always stuff to do there that needs to be addressed but just hasn't. But on Sunday I moved the tv stand so it now points in the right direction, and sat in my fave chair in the house and  watched a bit of television. It is a goal to re-establish that room as the entertainment centre for the house in 2021. Assuming, of course, that we remain in this house for the duration. 

The housing market around these here parts is very hot these days. It is a heat that is permeating the province, but it is hottest here in the greater Halifax area. We would like to buy another place, but while we would sell this place with little problem, there remains the small matter of where to move to. It becomes bewildering and bedevilling, so we just change the subject after a few minutes. 

Speaking of changing the subject...

I just posted this on my Facebook, but I will write about it here as well. The "Blond Tigress" story of many years ago continues to fascinate me. Here is a woman who broke out of jail because she had heard that her kids might be in trouble. She learned they were well, and then dropped out of sight. For 35 years. They communicated via classified ads in a local newspaper, and finally arranged to meet one night in 1975. Then, she walked out into the night, and her family never saw her again. Communication via classified ads tapered off. 

Here is the story. Keep your hankies with you. You'll need them.

No. The story didn't take place around these here parts. But the story is one that won't let me go.

It is nearly two in the morning. The clock change has wreaked havoc upon my body yet again, and sleep will be hard to come by. 

See you tomorrow. Or, rather, later on today.


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