Monday, March 15, 2021

Post 3966 - Short And Sweet

Hi. It is pushing two ayem here in Nova Scotia. I have my laptop on me. The only illumination here in the living room is from the usb light I got at the dollar store last week, clipped to the monitor.

I keep thinking about Eleanor Jarman, the "Blond Tigress" I told you about last evening. Her son LeRoy died in 1993. His son, Doug, who had taken up the mantle of trying to get Eleanor's record expunged/pardoned, and who had been quoted in quite a few newspaper articles in the mid 1990's, himself died in 1999. I think I have found his daughter and his widow. Messaged the daughter just now. Will see if the family has some hither-to unreported information about Eleanor.

Why? Because I find this case extremely fascinating. It doesn't take place in Nova Scotia or in Canada, so I doubt if Frank Magazine would have the slightest interest in running anything I could write about it, but that won't stop me from trying to find out some information about the case anyway. 

Eleanor took on an assumed name after she broke out of prison. That named is revealed in a newspaper article from late in 1994, but I didn't have any luck finding her on find a grave. Perhaps there is yet another name she went by?

So, anyway, that is why I am still up at this late hour. 

The new "America's Most Wanted" started this evening. Elizabeth Vargas was a wise choice to be the new host. I am thinking that John Walsh is tied up with his other show and his contract will not allow him to do this as well. Plus, he is 75 years old and Fox may have wanted to go a little younger. I dunno. But it is a good promising start to an old favourite. I hope it is on for many years.

I think I will turn in. Not sure what time I will get up, but we'll see. 

See you tomorrow.




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