Thursday, March 18, 2021

Post 3968 - Thursday Night Stuff

Hello, everyone. How have you been?

I didn't write on Wednesday night. I am sorry about that. And the Tuesday night post had the wrong number on it, so I fixed that just now. 

I have long since forgotten why I started numbering the posts. It was something I wanted to do in 2007, so I did it, because it was my blog and I could. But as I have pointed out before, there have been times when I lost count, and used the wrong number. That is why the total number of blog posts does not match with the numbering, if you catch my drift.

The last couple of days have been about not doing that much. We went to the Sobeys tonight and spent more than we meant to, which is par for the course. We did that because we wanted to make sure we had enough provisions to withstand the impending storm. Besides, there was a sale on the salmon that we like, so we stocked up. 

We are barely a day away from the first day of Spring, but you wouldn't know it, given the forecast. We are supposed to be nailed in the coming hours, which is especially annoying because I am scheduled to go somewhere Friday afternoon.

I spent an hour or so tonight on Newspapers Dot Com. The semi annual subscription is well worth it if you want to do any kind of serious research about much of anything. Google is trying to digitize newspapers but there are serious gaps in any run of any newspaper they have, and I am not sure what priority they have in adding many more. There is a competing product called Newspaper Archives Dot Com, but I could not justify two subscriptions. There is apparently little overlap between the two services, but I only take their word for that. Each service claims to have 1000's of newspapers in it, but both of them have relatively disappointing coverage of Canadian newspapers. 

Anyway, I was researching an old unsolved murder in Halifax from long ago. The relatively few Canadian newspapers did contain some wire service stories about the case, which I can use to help me do a full research job at the archives or library in the coming days. 

The case fulfills anybody's reasonable definition of an unsolved murder, but I am willing the police do not consider it such because they offered a suspect, who ended up being acquitted of the charges. The police's position is they offer a suspect and it's not their fault if "their guy" doesn't get convicted. They have done their job. It has probably happened a few times over the years, but I only know of one other case around here where that has happened. It was the murder of Arnold "Smiley" Bailey, in 1988. The police offered one, maybe even two, people, both of whom were dutifully charged and not found guilty. Nobody has ever been convicted of his murder, but you will not find it on the list of unsolved murders in Halifax. This other case I am researching is another example of that, from decades earlier. Another forgotten case. Another forgotten murdered woman. 

Look for this case in an upcoming issue of Frank.

It is quite late. I am going to turn in. Potentially busy day on Friday.

See you then.


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