Sunday, March 21, 2021

Post 3971 - Sunday NIght Short and Sweet

 It is past midnight. I should have gone to bed a good  hour ago, but I am not that tired and I was researching a nearly 100 year old unsolved murder. I downloaded quite a few articles on the case and will do more researching on it at the archives or library in the coming week or two. One of three cases I am working on at the moment.

We had a quiet day. Patricia made salmon benedict for breakfast. It was as good as you might imagine it to be. And we had a chicken dinner tonight. In between I did some cleaning up downstairs, finding a clear plastic set of drawers I used to keep cables in, but which I no longer want. Patricia may find a use for it in her she-shed. If not, out it goes on the next garbage day. 

It is pushing 12:30, and I have to get up early and go off to do some researchy stuff, so I will call this blog post short.

See you tomorrow.




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