Monday, March 22, 2021

Post 3972 - Monday Night Frolics

Hello once again, my lovelies.

Had a long day. A good day. Was up at 7 and at the bus stop shortly after 7:30 to catch the bus downtown. Ate some breakfast at McD's on Spring Garden Road and waited 20 minutes for the library to open. Once it did, I went up to the fourth floor and requested several containers of microfilm so I could research an unsolved murder. 

Spent the full morning there. Grabbed a bite on SGR before walking to the Archives, where I had booked a three hour research appointment to research another unsolved murder. And there was another unsolved murder days after the one I was researching, and it was on the same microfilm canisters as the first murder, so I got a lot of research on a third unsolved murder as well. All three were from many years ago, and I was lucky enough to find pictures and graphics that can be used in the upcoming articles. 

If I feel especially productive, I will write all three of the articles this week. 

I will write about this in the articles, but I get quite angry about these forgotten cases. They shouldn't be forgotten. My articles should remind people of these cases, not educate them about them. There should be a comprehensive central repository listing all such cases, regardless of their age. But the closest thing is the Awards for Major Unsolved Crimes Program, which doesn't list everything, by a long shot. 

As much as I know about these cold cases, I know there are other cases in the province that I know nothing about. Something from 75 or 100 years ago where someone went missing or was murdered, and the case was forgotten about and people went to their graves without knowing what happened to their loved one. I have no idea how people can go on living after that.

Anyway, it is late, and I got up the better part of 18 hours ago. I think I will turn in. Lots to do on Tuesday!

See you then.


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