Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Post 3973 - Wednesday Night Fun Times

Hello again, my dear friends.

I did not write on Tuesday because my body shut down around 10pm. Today, we piled in the Soul and drove to the Valley for the day. We were mostly in Wolfville, spending some time at the Farmer's Market store and Eos Foods and the Odd Book and enjoyed a very nice dinner at the Naked Crepe. 

Wolfville. We both love that town. We always have a good time there. As you know, I attended Acadia University in Wolfville in the 1980's, a time so long ago, and so far away, that it seems to have happened to someone else; but at the same time, I think of my years there so often that it can seem like yesterday. Time is funny sometimes. 

After dinner we drove around the town for a spell. We went up Gaspereau Avenue to the associated valley, as we wanted to find the many wineries there. Benjamin Bridge. Gaspereau Winery. L'Acadie. And finally, Luckett's. I am told that there is at least one more winery in that valley.

Of course, there are other wineries in other parts of the Annapolis Valley, but they are mostly within a 20 km radius or so. There is one winery in Port Williams, but another one was supposed to open last year. One outside of Kingsport. Avondale Winery is in another part of the Valley, closer to Windsor. Of course, the first winery in the area goes back to the 1980's: Grand Pre Wineries.

There are so many wineries that we have to wonder how many the economy can sustain. There are only so many women who can only drink so much wine over a sustained period of time that one worries how many can survive. 

We returned to the city just in time to drop off at the Vet's to pick up Newbie's latest cat food allotment. He is taking to the wet food much more than the kibble, which is unfortunate because it was made clear to us that he is not to consume anything else. He is on a specialized diet that demands he eat nothing else. He is the kind of guy who begs like a dog and mewls and meows until he gets what he wants. It is why I donated his older Iams food today to the animal hospital in Wolfville. 

We got back around 7. Newbie was all over me within minutes. We watched some of our shows and I hopped on my laptop and here we are.

I also jumped on to newspapers dot com tonight. I searched for a famous unsolved murder I have written about for Frank and noticed that someone with the victim's surname had clipped the same article I had. I contacted him. If he is related to the family in some way, then this can be a major "get" for me. Could blow the whole story wide open. Have to wait and see. Which is something I hate to do.

It is late. Been a very long day. I think I will turn in if you don't mind.

See you tomorrow.


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