Sunday, March 28, 2021

Post 3975 - Sunday Night Stuff

 No. I didn't sleep for three days. It has just been a few days since I could write you is all.

Sorry about that. 

I wish I could say I did a lot the last few days, but the reality is that I did not do much at all. We got groceries on Thursday and didn't really leave the house much until Sunday morning, when we  went off to pick up a Brother laser printer for a whopping ten bucks from a fellow out Hammonds Plains way. He wanted the printer gone because he wanted to get something newer. But the printer seems to work just fine for what it is. 

After the purchase we made our way over to Gary Martin Drive and had lunch at the Millstone pub. It is a retro sports-themed public house, and the food is actually pretty good. We both had the eggs benny on fish cakes, and enjoyed them so much that we ate every scrap of the food, which threw off our dinner plans, because we were so full.

This afternoon we just chilled out and gazed lovingly into each other's eyes. 

Tonight we watched some of our shows. "The Rookie" goes from light comedic to dark like no other show I can recall watching in my life. "The Equalizer" start was delayed so we will watch it on demand. "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" is having a sophomore slump, which is disappointing. "Good Girls" just gets... gooder every week. 

I am not sure how the week will play out. There are things to do, both here and in other parts of Halifax. How much of that stuff I will do, I am not sure yet. Remains to be seen.

I am going to turn in. Pushing one ayem.

See you tomorrow.


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