Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Post 3977 - Wednesday Night Stuff

Well, hello again, my friends.

Early early early Thursday morning. I didn't write on Tuesday because my body shut down early, so I turned in early. And today I have been busy... what was I doing? I installed some of those plastic anchors in the wall so I could hang up a couple of things so they wouldn't fall out of the wall. Realized I really should get back to finishing an article for Frank, before I got to work on two more articles. But, instead, I just have the draft of the first article over there, all marked up, but not revised in a condition to send off to my editor.

Maybe it's because on Tuesday morning I got up at 7, and took the bus just past 7:30 to go downtown for the day. I researched at the library all morning, but before it opened, I spoke with a young woman named Francesca, who is from the Bahamas. She asked me what I was there to research, and I told her I wrote about unsolved murders and missing persons cases. She said it was interesting and asked if I had ever heard of Sir Harry Oake.

I replied that I had. He was a Canadian who moved to the Bahamas and became very wealthy. Somewhere along the way, he angered someone so much that he was killed in bed, in a very gruesome way. I do not pretend to know everything about the Oake murder, but it is interesting enough that a Canadian up and moved to the Bahamas in and of itself. That he was rich almost beyond measure is even more interesting. But that he was slaughtered in his bed, and the murder remains unsolved nearly 80 years later, is of course interesting to me.

I gave her one of my blog business cards. She said she would write me once she had spoken to her grandmother who is still in the Bahamas. Apparently, the case was one of great interest to her and other family members. Perhaps I will get an exclusive!

So, I researched my topic at the library in the morning and then walked to the Archives, which is... I guess about a 15 minute walk from the library, if you meander like I do. I researched an unsolved murder there, one of the ones from last week that I didn't have time to finish. Even working flat out, I couldn't go through all the microfilms put aside for me, but I found enough information to write a pretty lengthy article about the case. It will likely be the first major article about the case in decades. The one I am finishing now is almost certainly the first one written about the case in a very long time. 

I got home in time for dinner on Tuesday, but I was tired from all the walking and the staring at a computer screen all day, so that is why I turned in early.

I wish I had had that excuse today.

I think I will turn in. Have to get up relatively early in the morning.

See you later on, on Thursday.


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