Thursday, March 11, 2021

Post 3964 - Thursday Night Stuff

Well, there you are. Where have you been?

Another day where not much happened. I slept in. Made lunch. Did dishes. Patricia made a nice dinner. And we watched some stuff on the PVR. 

I think we need a bit of variety in our lives.

I swear we will step out tomorrow.

The keyboard on this old laptop is still working. The 8 key was acting up for a month or so, but has been working perfectly for about 10 days now. I did order a replacement keyboard, but in looking at youtube videos, they look like a bugger to replace, so it is just as well that it arrived in the mail all mangled and stuff. I'll throw the replacement keyboard in the garbage.

You know, I still have a crapton of Bevboy's Blog business cards. I am repeating my offer to mail a passel of them to anyone who requests them. If anybody reads this blog post, anywhere in the world, and you want some business cards with my name on them, unique business cards, beautiful business cards, leave a message with this blog post, or message me on Facebook, or email me at the official Bevboy's Blog email address. I promise I will contact you back and get your mailing address and mail them out to you. 

I keep my promises.

You have a good night. Talk at you on Friday.




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