Monday, April 5, 2021

Post 3980 - Monday Night Fun Times

Well, hello again, my friends.

My goodness, I slept in until noon on Monday. I am not sure why. I just slept until 11:59am for some pleasurable reason. I know that I am all-but retired, but even so, I feel lazy, maybe even shiftless. 

I made breakfast/lunch, and just hours later, made us a couple of sandwiches. Patricia was peckish this evening and had something. But otherwise, we had a light eating day.

I may have found my next cold case article. A man murdered more than 100 years ago. The few articles I found on newspapers dot com didn't indicate that someone was ever arrested. One of the articles went out of its way to state that the victim was Jewish, which surprised the heck out of me. Even back then, I have no idea what that would have had to do with his being killed. I am curious enough to find out more. If his murderer was caught and convicted, then I guess I don't have an article for Frank. If never caught, then there is definitely an article there.

Another trip to the archives is in the offing. 

I have nothing else to write about tonight. Turning in. Will try to wake up before 11.

See you tomorrow.


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